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Saboodana is made from raw tapioca roots (commonly known as shakkarkand), an underground potato like variety. These tapioca roots (shakkarkand) are crushed in a tank and its milk/juice is extracted and stored for few days which changes its nature and turns into light paste... It is then poured into machine or hand sheets or big steel sheets with holes to produce white granules from the paste. Thus the white granules or small white balls are formed, which are dried and these dried granules/balls are called as saaboodana. -
Basically, Sago can be classified into 2 varieties - Roasted and Boiled
Roasted Sago

Boiled Sago
Roasted sago is white in color, and the boiled sago is transparent and will have a glassy look. Based on the customers', taste, it is produced in various sizes and are given different name like Superfine sago, Super sago, Extra white sago, milk White sago, Mothi Sago etc., for Roasted Sago and Nylon sago, Glass nylon sago, Pearl sago, Deluxe pearl sago, XL sago, Ceylon nylon sago, etc., for Boiled Sago. Apart from the above each and every manufacturer/trader will name their product with their own identified, renowned labels.


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Welcome To Namya Trading

Welcome To Namya Trading

Welcome To Namya Trading

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